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AKE Ignition Knob Set for RX-8 & NC MX-5

New outer "ignition knob", and inner "base knob" for the 2004-2012 RX-8, and 2006-2015 NC MX-5, with Smart Keyless Ignition.

$42.00 $34.99

AutoExe Sports Steering Wheel for NC MX-5

AutoExe Sports Steering Wheel MSY1370-03 for the 2006-2015 NC MX-5.
From $350.00

Meter Hood for NA MX-5

New Mazda OEM meter hoods for the 1990-1993 NA6 MX-5, and the 1994-1997 NA8 MX-5.
From $116.67

Radio Bezel (Tombstone) for NA6 MX-5

New Mazda OEM radio surround tombstone for the 1990-1993 NA6 MX-5.
From $90.04

AutoExe Shift Knob for NA/NB/NC/ND MX-5

AutoExe genuine leather shift knobs for 1990-1997 NA MX-5, 1999-2005 NB MX-5, 2006-2015 NC MX-5, and 2016+ ND MX-5.
From $80.00

AutoExe Sports Steering Wheel for ND MX-5

AutoExe MND1370-03 Sports Steering Wheel for 2016+ ND MX-5 and 2017+ ND MX-5 RF.

Real leather with ergonomic thumb grips and D shape, flat-bottom. Black with red stitching. Does not include switches, but all factory switches fit like OEM.
$399.00 $375.00