I-Rotary Maximum Boost Apex Seal Set (3-rotor)

This set of 9 (3 rotors), precision engineered (patent pending), 2mm 2-piece steel apex seals, are dimensionally perfect for any 1990-1996 20B engine (excluding those using RENESIS rotors). These exceptional seals can handle high levels of boost, and are perfectly suited for drag racing and other high performance applications.

PLEASE NOTE: This product currently has limited availability. Please expect up to 14 business days before shipping, from time of order.

Custom material properties, designed for strength, toughness, high temperature exposure, low wear, and kindness to rotor housings.
Extensive testing is performed at all phases of production, guaranteeing consistent material properties, so that the maximum performance with the lowest wear is achieved.
Every I-Rotary apex seal is individually inspected to guarantee dimensional consistency from set to set.

The consistent material properties and dimensions of I-Rotary Apex Seals guarantee a predictable tuning from seal set to seal set.
Practically eliminates the need to custom fit each rotor groove to the apex seal, as is often required with other products. This means a lot less time needed during assembly. These are just like installing the factory OEM seals.
Reproducible break-in periods
Faster engine starts, similar to factory OEM
Reduced fuel consumption due to superior sealing performance
...and last, but not least, MORE HORSEPOWER due to improved high-RPM sealing perfomance.

Supercharged, Turbocharged, and/or Nitrous Oxide equipped engines for Road Racing, Drifting, Time Attack, and Drag Racing.
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