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Engine/Transmission Electronics

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RX8 Reverse Switch - MT (2004-2008)

NEW OEM RX-8 reverse switch for manual transmission models.
Comes with crush washer.
$77.75 $60.16

RX8 Ventilation Kit

RX8 improved Ventilaion kit with solenoids.
$342.87 $260.00

RX-8 Secondary Shutter Valve (SSV)

Mounts on front side of intake manifold.

This part is often needed for RX8 P2070 (Secondary Shutter Valve [SSV] stuck open) when proper cleaning does not remedy the problem.

From $167.77

APV Actuator for S1 RX-8

New OEM Mazda APV actuator for the 2004-2008 RX-8.
$226.06 $175.35