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AutoExe Sports Induction Box for RX-7

AutoExe Sports Induction Box for 1993-2002 FD RX-7
From $275.00

Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiators for FB/FC/FD RX-7

Koyo all aluminum racing radiators for 1983-1985 FB RX-7 (12A and 13B models), 1986-1991 FC RX-7 (Turbo II and Non-Turbo models), and 1993-2002 FD RX-7.

With over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of OE replacement radiators, it was only natural that Koyo develop a lightweight, high performance radiator line. We are proud to offer their all aluminum performance radiators designed as a true drop in installation for select vehicles, utilizing the factory equipped fan shrouds without any modifications necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: These radiators are designed specifically for Manual Transmission vehicles only. If installing one of these radiators into an Automatic vehicle, a separate transmission cooler MUST be installed.
From $290.00

Mazda OEM Throttle Position Sensor for RX-7 FC (Series 5 Non-Turbo)

This is a brand new, OEM Mazda throttle position sensor for the 1989-1991 Mazda RX-7 FC (Series 5 Non-Turbo).

Please note that this item is sent from Japan, and typically takes 5-10 business days to ship out.
$595.20 $375.00

Rotary Engine Rebuild Kit for 13B-REW

Our rotary engine rebuild kit for the 13B-REW engine, features quality MAZDA OEM parts for the discerning engine builder. Available in various configurations to suit the needs of your build, these kits have optional apex seal upgrades, bearings, oil seal sets, and rotor housings.
From $892.68

RE-medy Low Temperature Thermostat for FD RX-7

RE-medy low temperature thermostat 1993-2002 FD RX-7.

This is our newly developed low temperature thermostat, designed to open at 76 degrees Celsius. Maximize your cooling efficiency with the perfect compliment to our line of RE-medy high flow water pumps.
$75.00 $65.00