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Mazda 3.636:1 Ring and Pinion Set for NA8/NB MX-5

New Mazda OEM 3.636:1 ring & pinion set for any 7" differential.

Please note that this item is special ordered from Japan, and typically takes 5-10 business days to ship out.
From $850.00

Limited Slip Differential for ND MX-5

Limited slip differentials for the 2016+ ND MX-5 and 2017+ ND MX-5 RF.
From $1,300.00

TORSEN 1.8 Conversion Kits for NA/NB MX-5

TORSEN limited slip differential conversion kits for the 1990-1997 NA MX-5 and 1999-2005 NB MX-5.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AVAILABILITY OF THESE KITS VARIES. When ordering, please expect approximately 2-3 weeks before shipping.
Call 1(800) 221-5156 or e-mail for more info.
From $1,800.00

Prothane Polyurethane Differential Mount Bushing Kit for NA/NB MX-5

This kit contains the bushings and sleeves required to replace the stock differential mount bushings on the 1990-1997 NA MX-5 and 1999-2005 NB MX-5.

Helping to keep the drivetrain properly aligned is an important benefit of Prothane polyurethane bushings. Factory bushings tend to wear out, with the resultant sloppiness putting the driveline in a potential "bind" condition. Controlling horsepower benefits acceleration and handling.
$111.68 $75.00