AutoExe Street Sport Suspension Kit for RX-7

AutoExe Street Sport Suspension Kit (Kijima Spec) for 1993-2002 FD RX-7
Manufacturer: AutoExe
AutoExe Street Sport Suspension Kit MFD7850
The AutoExe Kijima spec suspension kit for 1993-2002 FD RX-7 is a top quality, height adjustable coil-over design. Based on the theory of the engineering dynamics of driving sensation, developed by Mr. Takao Kijima, who is an authority on suspension and the Chief Engineer in sports car development at Mazda, this suspension setup offers a handling superior to stock, without compromising ride quality.

Please note that this item is special ordered from Japan, and typically takes 5-10 business days to ship out.
SKU: 19567
Manufacturer part number: MSE7850
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