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Mazmart is proud to announce it is an ‘Official AutoExe Dealer’. Although many people are familiar with the popular Japanese performance parts powerhouse, AutoExe, we will still introduce them for the benefit of those who may not be.

AutoExe, just like Mazmart, has been dedicated exclusively to Mazda and serving the Mazda community for several years by providing the best quality parts possible.

Founded by Yojiro Terada (Who was also responsible for Mazdaspeed), AutoExe designs and builds performance parts designed ‘for the street’ with the goal of the ‘complete package’ in tuning. Tuning for the complete car you might say. This means that these parts are designed for normal everyday use with the enthusiast in mind without being too extreme or ridiculous. 

Our relationship with AutoExe goes back very far and is very deep as the heads of both companies have raced together often throughout the years, campaigning for Mazda and Mazdaspeed. This has led to strong friendships and our new business partnership, designed to serve you, the Mazda enthusiast, with the best quality parts at excellent prices accompanied by un paralleled service.

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AutoExe Sports Steering Wheels for RX-8

AutoExe Sports Steering Wheel MSE1370-03 (2004-2008) and the ALL NEW MSZ1370-03 (2009-2012) for RX-8.

AutoExe Sport Clutch for RX-8

AutoExe Sport Clutch for 2004-2012 RX-8

Limited Slip Differential for ND MX-5

Limited slip differentials for the 2016+ ND MX-5 and 2017+ ND MX-5 RF.

AutoExe Cusco Type-RS 1.5 Way LSD for RX-8

AutoExe Cusco Type-RS 1.5 Way Limited Slip Differential for 2004-2012 RX-8