About Us

We were established back in 1980 by Mazda racing legends Jim Downing and Rick Engman who had teamed up (Driver and engine builder respectively) to race Mazdas five years prior.
 Engman with car       Downing on car
  Rick Engman                                                                                                 Jim Downing

That partnership has led to many successes at every level of Motorsport including numerous IMSA championships and even class wins at LeMans (Almost exclusively with Mazda rotary power).

#5 Kudzu mazda DG-3: Yojiro Terada, Jim Downing, Franck Fréon

They began acquiring RX2s and RX3s for parts to support their race effort and Jim, having had experience in the parts business (His father sold British autos and spares), realized the opportunity to start parting out the Mazdas.

This led to the opening of what is now MAZMART!

Mazda Meet