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Big Brake Systems

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AutoExe Sports Brake System for RX-8

AutoExe Sports Brake System for 2004-2012 RX-8
From $145.00

AutoExe Brake Packages for RX-8

Upgrade the braking performance of your RX-8 with our line of genuine AutoExe braking packages.

BRAKE PACKAGE A - This package contains 1-piece cast iron rotors, street sports pads, and braided steel brake lines for a significant upgrade in stopping performance.

BRAKE PACKAGE B - With 2-piece cast iron/aluminum bell housing brake rotors, sports pads with a higher temperature threshold, and braided steel brake lines, this package will take your braking performance to the next level, all while helping to reduce unsprung weight.

BRAKE PACKAGE C - With AutoExe's big brake system at the front, and the associated brake upgrades balancing out the rear, this is the ultimate brake upgrade for your street or track driven RX-8. Available with street sports, or sports brake pads.
From $1,384.00